Digital parking
Security benefits

One of the essential attribute that has its impact on number of factors in our lives is the parking system. In the present scenario, almost all of us have to face huge amount of traffic that makes our daily commute to be a time taking and hectic process. A lot to this traffic is accounted by the vehicles that are parked in an unplanned manner and those that traverse on roads in search of a particular place for parking. Considering these problems, we are here with the concept of digital parking system that is aimed to make parking process easy, fast, convenient and hassle free.

Digital parking system hasnumber of benefits and in terms of security; it is highly favorable with several positive aspects.

    • The first and major security benefit of digital parking is decrease in the accidents that take place due to congestion on roads with irregular parked vehicles. There are several instances in which car drivers who are not able to find appropriate space for parking leave their vehicles on the road side that leads to disruption in traffic. This can also become the reason for accidents as the roads get congested with parked vehicles leaving little space for the other vehicles. Digital parking system help eliminate this situation since easy search of parking space enable car drivers to conveniently park their vehicles at proper space.
    • Digital parking system provides parking owners and car drivers with access to real time data. This data is not just useful in efficient management of parking but also help in the detection of any kind of suspicious activity.
    • The incidents of thefts could be controlled as data of vehicles is available with the parking owners and car drivers are provided with important notifications. In case of any kind of doubtful activity, early steps could be taken to prevent the theft and catch the suspect.
    • Digital parking system can also serve as a boon in controlling crime rate. Tracing the suspects of criminal activities becomes possible with the help of CCTV cameras and police can catch them in less time with the availability of their location data.
    • Digital parking system also help car owners to rest assured of their vehicle safety since it is parked in authorized parking that remains under the eyes of security staff all the time. Also, they are provided with notifications related to duration of parking and any type of emergency pertaining to their vehicles. This reduces a lot of overhead of car owners who remain concerned with the security of their vehicles.

This system helps in effective usage of large spaced parking lots and convenience of car drivers and also offers number of security benefits as stated above. When parking space are converted to smart parking solutions with the use of advanced technology, most of the complications related to parking could be controlled. Also, several security issues related with vehicles could be addressed with the help of this technology.

In terms of privacy and security, vehicle owners can rest assured since all the important aspects are taken care of in digital parking system to make it a wonderful contribution in Digital India concept of the government.

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