Digital India

 A lot to this traffic is accounted by the vehicles that are parked in an unplanned manner and those that traverse on roads in search of a particular place for parking. Considering these problems, we are here with the concept of digital parking system that is aimed to make parking process easy, fast, convenient and hassle free.

Digitalization and its impact on India

The concept of Digital India that the government is aimed at is based on 7 major projects that one must be aware of in order to understand Digital India. Colossal investments have been made towards the Digital India concept to establish digital connectivity across India. This is intended to provide benefits of digitalization to one and all. The seven major points that can help one understand concept behind Digital India are.

Broadband highways

There is a digital divide in India as per the Prime Minister meaning that broadband access and its subsequent benefits is not there to number of people. The idea behind broadband highways is to increase internet connectivity via the routes reaching 2,50,000 gram panchayats bridge the this gap. Digital Locker: All the documents that are issued to government by the person could be stored in the online locker and at the very first time, Aadhar Card will be required for verification purpose. The person could then set password and could even link the account with Facebook or Google. This will help in getting number of services online easily since verified documents could be accessed easily by the relevant authorities.

Mobile connectivity

Smooth mobile connectivity could be achieved in all the villages under this project. e-Kranti: In Digital India, this is probably one of the biggest program with focus on the approach of mobile first. Single portals will be used in this for public programs integration with technology utilization for the purpose of implementation and for the systems of public grievances when their working is not proper.


The states where development has not reached to the desired level will be set up with BPO (business process outsourcing) centers for the development of skilled workforce by training over 1 crore students of smaller cities and towns. Manufacturing: The digital technology is aimed to be promoted within the country especially the electronics section. MyGov: The ideas of public are sourced in this site for the programme designs such as better management of traffic, smarter cities with big data etc. This is aimed at better implementation of the new programs begin in consultation with the citizens informed for the same. These are the 7 programmes that the government is aiming at in Digital India concept. We are here with the concept of Digital India to take this digitalization process in the direction of parking. This is a much needed technology taking the factors like increasing traffic and environmental degradation due to surplus emissions.

Digital parking concept

The digital parking concept will make parking highly convenient eliminating the need to manually search for parking space. The availability of both car drivers and parking owners on the same platform facilitate easy parking. Real time data will be available in the system that will allow car drivers to easily park the vehicle in proper space and parking owners to manage the space properly facilitating convenient parking. The purpose behind Digital parking system is to convert the place to a smart city having easy flow of traffic free from the congestion created due to parking space problems.

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